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Research Domain:Materials Science Country:[CN]
Research Production: Materials Science
Research Domain:inorganic synthesis chemistry; development of synthetic routes and preparation techniques, molecular engineering & design and high-pressure synthesis chemistry Country:[CN]
Research Production: The research area of the laboratory covers basic research of inorganic synthesis chemistry, development of synthetic routes and preparation techniques, molecular engineering & design and high-pressure synthesis chemistry. This laboratory has undertaken hundreds of fundamental and application research projects sponsored by the central and the provincial governments, including Climbing Plan , National '973' Project, National '863' Project, Major Projects and Key Projects from National Natural Science Foundation, National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars , Science Fund for Creative Research Groups and Key Projects from Ministry of Education. The laboratory has won the third class prize of National Natural Science twice, the first and the second class prizes for Scientific & Technological Progress from the Ministry of Education four times. Nine books and more than 1000 peer-reviewed papers have been authored by the faculty members of the laboratory.
Research Domain:Supramolecular chemistry; materials science; biology Country:[CN]
Research Production: Supramolecular chemistry is the chemistry related to intermolecular interaction and molecular assemblies. In crossing and inosculating with materials science, biology and other scientific subjects, supramolecular chemistry has been developed to supramolecular science and is thought to be the sources of the new concepts and high technology in twenty-first century. The features of the unborn supramolecular system should be the unifications of communication and programmed controlling, fluidity and reversibility, assembling and structure multifariousness. Considering the current basis, after discussion of the academic committee of the laboratory, our research goal is mainly anchored on the newly developed and crossed discipline with the keystones on the following: (1). Supramolecular structure and its spectroscopy, including weak intermolecular interaction and molecular recognition, static and dynamic structure, theoretical calculation and simulation, assembly methodology and self-assembling, spectroscopy of supramolecular systems; (2). The fundamental research of supramolecular materials and device, mainly including layered and three dimension structured devices, layered materials and their functionalization, surface patterning and functionalization, photo/electro communication materials and devices; (3). Supramolecular system and chemical biology, including molecular recognition and artificial enzymes, the function of enzymes, assembling and function of short peptides and ring nucleic acid as well as other related systems.
Research Domain:Atmospheric chemistry Country:[CN]
Research Production: Our research focuses on ozone and the role of radicals in photo-oxidation mechanisms which play a central role in the self-cleansing capacity of the atmosphere. We develop highly sensitive instrumentation to measure trace gases, and uncover the photochemical reaction chains. We have specialized in the construction of instrumentation for application on aircraft. Laser-optical, mass spectrometric and gas chromatographic techniques, for example, are used to determine the key breakdown products of hydrocarbons and radicals. Our studies include laboratory investigations, field measurements on aircraft and ships, and the use of satellite observations. We also develop computer models to simulate the interactions of chemical and meteorological processes, and investigate the influences of atmospheric composition changes on climate.
Research Domain:nanotechnology and nanomaterials Country:[CN]
Research Production: Key Laboratory has focused on nanotechnology and nanomaterials, involving the synthesis and assembly of nanomaterials, dispersion and treatment technology, high surface area materials, nanobiomedical materials, composites of nanoinorganic and polymer materials, nanocatalysts, and so on. It already stands in the forefront on the theory concerning formation and growth of nanoparticles, interfacial chemistry of and morphology control of nanomaterials in China. Meanwhile, it catches up with the international advanced level on the development of manufacture for nanomaterials, dispersion and treatment technology.
Research Domain:chemical reagents for biochemistry, environmental analysis, diagnosis, and electronics. Country:[CN]
Research Production: Category One Selections

*Caged Compounds
*Cell Analyses
*Chelating Agents
*Cross-Linking Reagents
*DNA Analyses
*Good's Buffers
*Intracellular Signal Monitoring
*Ion Detection
*Labeling Kits
*Labeling Reagents
*Nitric Oxide Research
*Oxidative Stress Detection
*Peroxidase/Hydrogen Peroxide Detection
*Protein Detection
*RNA Analyses
*SH Detection
*Surface Modification (for Self Assembled Monolayer Study)
*Tetrazolium Salts
Research Domain:new polymer-chemical material Country:[CN]
Research Production: *Silicon Materials
*New Engineering Plastics
*Fine and Special Chemical Materials
Research Domain:marine antifouling coatings, heavy-duty anticorrosion coatings, environment- friendly coatings, civil-use decorative coatings, adhesives and related additives. Country:[CN]
Research Production: The institute now has the following product systems coming from the research programs:

 Ship coatings for entire ships: anticorrosive coatings, antifouling coatings and decorative coatings.

  Industrial anticorrosive coatings: used in oil chemical industry, electric power industry, and architectural industry as anticorrosive coatings, heat-insulating coatings fire-retardant coatings, television outer shell and textile machines decoration coatings.

  Environment-friendly coatings: water-borne coatings, high-solid coatings and solvent-less coatings.

  Functional coatings and materials: vibration damping coating, sound absorbing coating, wave-absorbing coatings, and solid floating materials and spraying polyurea elastomer materials.

High-performance adhesives.

  MRICI passed ISO9001 in 1998 and upgraded it from Edition 94 to Edition 2000 in 2001. With the establishment of quality management system, competence of the products in market has been improved; and the products of Haijian and Laorenshi Brand obtained good evaluation form customers in the ship make and mending and industrial anticorrosion fields. It was evaluated as Hi-tech Industrial enterprise by Qingdao Scientific & Technological Committee in 1997 and became AAA Credit Enterprise in 2001. It also has its own import and export rights.

classified catalogue
● chlor-rubber coating
● epoxy coating
● alkyd coating
● plant coating
● anti-fouling coating
● polyurethane coating
● special coating
● Bitumen coating
● Water-borne anti-corrosive coating
● Adhesive
Research Domain:Energy Country:[CN]
Research Production: Building on the Ames Laboratory's strength in the development and use of new materials, our scientists have expanded their work into nine main research areas. Their goal is to expand scientific knowledge and turn their discoveries into technology that will aid people throughout the world. Check the web pages maintained by each of the following research programs for particulars in each of the program areas.

*Applied Mathematics and
Computational Sciences
*Biorenewable Resources Consortium
*Chemical and Biological Sciences
*Condensed Matter Physics
*Environmental and Protection Sciences
*Multiphase Systems
*Materials Chemistry
and Biomolecular Materials
*Materials and Engineering Physics
*Non-Destructive Evaluation
Research Domain:Materia Medica Country:[CN]
Research Production: SIMM ranks at the top in China for its drug discovery and development activities. More than 70 drugs have been developed since its establishment. Of these, 10 were listed in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia. For instance, periaqueductal gray matter has been demonstrated to be the most effective site in the whole nervous system for the abolition of pain by micro-injection of morphine. This finding was recognized internationally as a milestone in opioid research. Artemether, a novel anti-malarial drug included in the WHO Model List of Essential Medicines, has been exported to many countries to treat severe malaria. Sodium dimercaptosuccinate, an antidote against heavy metal poisonings, was copied by a major U.S. pharmaceutical company and approved by the FDA to treat lead poisoning. Sobuzoxan, an anti-tumor drug designed and synthesized by SIMM, jointly developed by SIMM and a Japanese pharmaceutical company, was approved by the Japanese Ministry of Health in 1994. Huperzine A (HupA), a novel alkaloid isolated from the Chinese medicinal herb, Huperzia serrata , was found to be a potent, reversible and selective inhibitor of AChE. Clinical trials have shown that HupA could significantly improve memory deficiencies in aged population and patients with Alzheimer's disease. Depsides salt injection, a modern Chinese herbal drug against coronary heart disease angina pectoris, received the certification of a new drug and permission for production from the Chinese SFDA in May 2005. The drug has the authorization of domestic and US patents. The invention of this drug is an important achievement of TCM modernization in the past few years.

Supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, CAS and Shanghai Municipality , a number of drug candidates are currently under pre-clinical evaluations.
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