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Research Domain: marine antifouling coatings, heavy-duty anticorrosion coatings, environment- friendly coatings, civil-use decorative coatings, adhesives and related additives.
Keyword: Marine Research Institute of Chemical Industry
Research Production: The institute now has the following product systems coming from the research programs:

 Ship coatings for entire ships: anticorrosive coatings, antifouling coatings and decorative coatings.

  Industrial anticorrosive coatings: used in oil chemical industry, electric power industry, and architectural industry as anticorrosive coatings, heat-insulating coatings fire-retardant coatings, television outer shell and textile machines decoration coatings.

  Environment-friendly coatings: water-borne coatings, high-solid coatings and solvent-less coatings.

  Functional coatings and materials: vibration damping coating, sound absorbing coating, wave-absorbing coatings, and solid floating materials and spraying polyurea elastomer materials.

High-performance adhesives.

  MRICI passed ISO9001 in 1998 and upgraded it from Edition 94 to Edition 2000 in 2001. With the establishment of quality management system, competence of the products in market has been improved; and the products of Haijian and Laorenshi Brand obtained good evaluation form customers in the ship make and mending and industrial anticorrosion fields. It was evaluated as Hi-tech Industrial enterprise by Qingdao Scientific & Technological Committee in 1997 and became AAA Credit Enterprise in 2001. It also has its own import and export rights.

classified catalogue
● chlor-rubber coating
● epoxy coating
● alkyd coating
● plant coating
● anti-fouling coating
● polyurethane coating
● special coating
● Bitumen coating
● Water-borne anti-corrosive coating
● Adhesive  
Remarks: Marine research Institute of Chemical Industry was established on Dec.26 th , 1979. It is now an affiliated company of China Haohua Chemical Industrial (Group) Corporation of Chinese Chemical Corporation. Mainly engaging in application development of marine antifouling coatings, heavy-duty anticorrosion coatings, environment- friendly coatings, civil-use decorative coatings, adhesives and related additives, it has a personnel of 223, with 155 specialists among them there being 46 senior engineers and technicians and 42engineers and technicians working at its 4 business departments, 1 research center, 2 production factories (Qingdao Haijian Chemical Co., Ltd. and the new factories in Chengyang). Now MRICI has been a new Hi-tech Industrial Enterprise in the integration of scientific research, manufacture and sales with the capacity of 15000ton/a. National Marine Coatings Quality Inspect & Test Center and Coatings Test & Verify Organization of China Register of Shipping are also set up in MRICI. They can independently inspect and test coatings and raw materials as the third party organization.

  By now, MRICI possesses 148mu with 12 thousand square meters buildings and other affiliates and 39 million RMB Yuan estates. In the reformation of scientific research, in order to change the MRICI to new hi-tech industrial enterprise, this institute has set up Qingdao Haijian Chemical Co., Ltd (i.e. Ship Coatings Research and Manufacture Base) and the Demonstration Program of 15000ton/a Water-borne Anticorrosive Coatings Production (the new factory in chengyang).

  With its strong research power, the institute has undertaken more than 100 valuable research programs from ‘ the 7 th Five Year Plan', ‘ the 8 th Five Year Plan', ‘ the 9 th Five Year Plan',‘ the 10 th Five Year Plan' and others from the Province and the City, having got plentiful fruits. More than 30 of them won the National Invention Prize, the National Science and Technology Progress Prizes and other awards. 14 of them got the authorization as patents.

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