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Info ID Subject Country
[IB173358] ITO film transparent conductive glass [CN]
[IB172745] α-crystal form copper phthalocyanine pigment [CN]
[IB165155] Chlorinated Tricarbimide Item [CN]
[IB171203] FF-80 Polymer Drive Flotation Agent [CN]
[IB165849] 969 special solidified agent for heavy-duty powder coating [CN]
[IB144005] Cyclohexene(local agent) [TW]
[IB171139] Catalysts for Reduction of SO2 to Elemental Sulfur [CN]
[IB165057] Chlorinated Paraffin-70 produced by Aqueous phased method [CN]
[IB170736] Aqueous phased chlorinated Rubber Item [CN]
[IB165408] Active Composite Sodium Metesilicate Item [CN]

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