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Item Title: Cyclohexene(local agent) 
Item Sort: pharmaceutical industry 
Implementation Address: China 
aggregate Investment:  
Mode: Cooperation
Ratio Between Investments in:  
Present Condition: We Year Fortune is a fine chemical company who is located in Taiwan where hi-quality, hi-tech country. Now we are trying to establish a local agent, dealer, distributor before this year end in Chinese mainland.  
Item Introduction: Cyclohexene is a good solvent for the pharmaceutical industry to purify the drugs, re-crystalline, extraction, GC carrier, and so on. To make up cyclohexene, you should use cyclohexanol and PTSA (as a catalyst to remove H2O). PTSA also can do the esterification catalyst for Biodiesel, Larvicide, crystalline nano-TiO2, and so on. It is a powerful product for the business. 
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Promulgator Detail

Full name: Joseph Mai  
Country: TW 
City: Taipei 
Company Name: Year Fortune Corp. Ltd. 
E-mail: Reply
Phone: 886-2-25222260 
Fax: 886-2-25222232 
Company Address: Suite 507, 372 Lin Shen North Road,Taipei, 104 Taiwan 
Zip/Postal Code: 104 
Introduction: Year fortune corp is based in Taiwan where hi-tech, hi-quality country, our main products are dicumyl peroxide, cumene hydroperoxide and para toluene sulfonic acid, and Biodiesel. The purity of our dcp is 99.5% min. It is produced automatically. It is the top ranking and most recongnized brand in the world market. Dcp is used as cross-linking agent in eva, valcanizing agent for elastomers, cross-linking agent for polyolefin, polymerizing initiator for polyester, flame retardant for alkenyl aromatic resins(likepolystyrene). When combine with organic halogens, it is medium temperature organic peroxide with curing temperature at and above 150 degree c. Application: 1)cross linking agent for evaa foam, when cross-lined by dcp, the foamed eva possesses special properties better thatn that of other foamed materials in lightweight, coloration and abrasion-resistance. It has become as an essentaial ingredient for making sandals, slippers and shoe soles. 2) cross-linking agent for polyethylene insulated elecric cable(xlpecable). In the production of insulated electric cables, polyethylene after cross-lined by dcp, can resist high temperature casued by electric cureent in the wire. It has become a very important material in the field of wire and cable. 3) vulcanizing agent for epr&ept Epr&ept are newly developed synthetic rubbers which have given indication of sufficient quality to merit careful consideration for wire and cable coating and conveyor belts. Epr cannot be cured by sulfur, however, can be efficiently cured by dcp or other organic peroixdes. Dcp becomes a necessity in improving the heat resistance capability of ept. 4) other applications Dcp serves as a catalyst for polymerization of unsaturated polyester resins and allyl resins, for the bulk polymerization of styrene etc. There are still many applications which have not been developed other than those mentioned above. Concord chemical industrial co ltd, the only dcp manufacturer in taiwan has the 25 years of experience in the manufacturing of dcp. We produce dicumyl peroxide 40% on calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate is as an inert substance in the formula of the crosslinking reagent. It also is a substance to prevent the ph value of crosslinking reagent larger than 7. It can retard the dcp decomposition. It can help the dcp dispersing when dcp desperse into the rubber as a crosslinking reagent as well. It is white crystalline powder, melting point at 38 degress c. The packing size is 20kg/carton,15mt/20ft container, shipment within 45 days after receiving workable l/c. We ship and export worldwide. All enquiries are wellcome. We are also manufacture para toluene sulfonic acid as 1. A hardening agent of furan resin which is applied in foundry industry ( sand casting)2. As catalyst of many resin systems, such as resole. Epoxies, amino plasts and fufurniture lacquers 3. As intermediate of dye chemistry, adhesives and specialized pleasticizers 4. As a dehydration catalyst in easterfications where mineral acids give excess cartonization 5. As an anti stress additives for electroplating bath Any further information required. Please keep us informed.  

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