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Thesis Name: Researches on the treatment of wastewater containing nitrobenzene by ultrasonic and activated carbon
Usage: chemistry
Keyword: ultrasonic; activated carbon; nitrobenzene; CODCr
Remarks: Wastewater containing nitrobenzene is difficult to directly degrade by microbiology method, which result that it's not allowable to discharge the wastewater into the environment according the standards. In this paper the method of ultrasonic cooperating with activated carbon pretreated on nitrobenzene. The best conditions of this way were the amount of power was 400W, the irradiation time was 3s and intermission 1.5s of ultrasonic and the total time was 35min, the mass of activated carbon was according to 0.833g activated carbon per mg nitrobenzene in the water, the initial concentration of nitrobenzene was 80mg/L and the primary pH was 7. After this process , the removal rate of nitrobenzene could be up to 97.4%, the removal rate of CODCr could be up to 98%, CODcr could cut down to 1021 mg/L, and the wastewater could go on to be treat by biochemistry method.

Li Zhanchen, Wang Hongxia, Gao Yuanyuan, Feng Yongqiang
(College of Chemistry and Environmental Science , Hebei University , Baoding 071002,China)
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