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KNOW HOW: OCT-M—FCC gasoline selective HDS
Usage: Technology for clean fuels production--gasoline 
Keyword: OCT-M—FCC gasoline selective HDS technology is f
Remarks: Background
  FCC gasoline is of high contents of sulfur and olefins. Higher hydrogen consumption and higher octane number loss are the disadvantages of conventional HDS processes. OCT-M—FCC gasoline selective HDS technology is featured by selecting a suitable cutting point and cutting the FCC gasoline feed into two parts, then treating the light and heavy fractions separately. The light fraction normally has high olefin content and low sulfur content(most sulfur-containing substances are low carbon number mercaptans) and will be treated by caustic-scrubbing-extracting. The heavy fraction has high content of sulfur(especially thiophenic sulfur), it should be treated with specialty catalyst under mild operating conditions.

  ✧ Feed can be of high sulfur, high olefin FCC gasoline
  ✧ Special HDS catalyst
  ✧ Mild operating conditions for heavy fractions
  ✧ High liquid yield(>99%)
  ✧ Low hydrogen consumption(0.2~0.3%)
  ✧ Proper cutting point

Aimed at
  ✧ Feed of FCC gasoline has high sulfur content(1000-1200ppm) and high    olefin contents(30-40%) while sulfur content requirement to product is lower    than 300ppm;
  ✧ Feed of FCC gasoline has moderate sulfur content(800-1000ppm) and    moderate olefin contents(25-35%) while sulfur content requirement to    product is lower than 200ppm;

Typical results
  OCT-M—FCC gasoline selective HDS technology developed in FRIPP, SINOPEC has been put into commercial application in Guangzhou Petrochemical Company. Under reaction temperature of 200~300℃, pressure of 1.6~3.2MPa, LHSV of 3.0~5.0h-1 and H2/oil of 300:1~500:1(v/v), total sulfur removal rate can reach 85%~90%, olefins saturation rate can reach 15%~25%, RON loss is less than 2 units, (R+M)/2(antiknock index) loss is less than 1.5 units and liquid yield is more than 98m%.

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