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Research Domain: biochip-based analytical chemistry and studies on fluorescent bio-labeling nanomaterials
Keyword: Chen Depu
Research Production: Publications:
*Huachang Lu , Guangshun Yi , Shuying Zhao , Depu Chen , Liang-Hong Guo and Jing Cheng, Synthesis and characterization of multi-functional nanoparticles possessing magnetic, fluorescence and bio-affinity properties, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 14(8), 1336-1341, 2004

*Guangshun Yi, Huachang Lu, Shuying Zhao, Yue Ge, Wenjung Yang, Depu Chen and Lianghong Guo, Synthesis, characterization, and biological application of size-controlled nanocrystalline NaYF4:Yb,Er infrared-to-visible up-conversion fhosphors, Nano Letters, 2191-2196, 2004

*Guangshun Yi, Baoquan Sun, Fengzhen Yang, Depu Chen, Jing Cheng, Synthesis and characterization of high-efficient up-conversion phosphors: ytterbium and erbium co-dopped lanthanum molybdate, Chemistry of Materials, 14(7), 2910-2914, 2002

*Baoquan Sun, Wenzhang Xi, Guangshun Yi, Depu Chen, Yuxiang Zhou, Jing Cheng, Microminiaturized immunoassays using quantum dots as fluorescent label by laser confocal scanning fluorescence detection, Journal of Immunological Methods, 249 (1-2), 85-89, 2001

*Guangshun Yi, Baoquan Sun, Depu Chen, Nanocrystalline Phosphors, A review chapter in the book “Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotecnology”, Edited by Nalva H.S, Academic Press, 2004, Vol. 6: 465
Remarks: Prof. Dr. Chen graduated from the Department of Engineering Chemistry, TsinghuaUniversity in 1970, received his Ph.D in the Institute of Chemistry, Academia Sinica in 1988. The major research fields are focused on biochip-based analytical chemistry and studies on fluorescent bio-labeling nanomaterials. He has published about 60 papers, and applied 10 patients in cooperation with others. Now the projects studied in his group include: A. Magnetic modification and functionality of DNA and protein molecules. B. Up-conversion fluorescent nanocrystals, their preparation, properties and application in photoluminecent labeling and detection of DNA or protein on biochip.  
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