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Research Domain: Design and compounding of functional macromolecule materials/macromolecule materials of IC and photoelectron parts/environment-friendly and self-purifying macromolecule materials with fluorin
Keyword: macromolecule; environment-friendly
Research Production: 1. Dietmar Appelhans, Zhonggang Wang, Stefan Zschoche, Rongchuan 
  Zhuang, Liane Hussler, Peter Friedel, Frank Simon, Dieter
  Jehnichen, Karina Grundke, Klaus-Jochen Eichhorn, Hartmut Komber, 
  and Brigitte Voit
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  Fluorinated Side Chains”
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2. Zhonggang Wang*, Meiran Xie, Yunfeng Zhao, Yunzhao Yu
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  Liquid Diepoxides for Electronic Packaging Application”
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3. Zhonggang Wang*, Tianlu Chen, Jiping Xu
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  Composed of Phthalimidine-Containing and Perfluoroisopropylidene
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4. Meiran Xie, Zhonggang Wang*,
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Macromol. Rapid Commn. 2001, 22, 620.
5. Meiran Xie, Zhonggang Wang*, Yunfeng Zhao
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6. 谢美然,王忠刚*,赵云峰
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7. Zhonggang Wang*, Tianlu Chen, Jiping Xu
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8. Zhonggang Wang*, Tianlu Chen, Jiping Xu
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9. Zhonggang Wang*, Tianlu Chen, Jiping Xu
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10. Zhonggang Wang*, Tianlu Chen, Jiping Xu
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  Alkyl Substituents on the Phenylene Unit”
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11. Jiping Xu,Zhonggang Wang, Tianlu Chen,
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13. 王忠刚,谢美然,陶志强“一种半导体封装用的液体环氧组合物及其用途”
  中国发明专利,2003,专利号:ZL 00123621.0.
14. 王忠刚,谢美然“一种高耐热液体脂环族环氧化合物及其制备方法”
  中国发明专利, 2003, 专利号:ZL 00123737.3.
15. 王忠刚,谢美然“一种低粘度液体脂环族环氧化合物及其制备方法”
  中国发明专利,2003,专利号:ZL 00123735.7.
16. 王忠刚,谢美然“一种二官能团液体脂环族环氧化合物及其制备方法”
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17. 王忠刚,谢美然,赵云峰“一种含醚键的液体脂环族烯烃化合物及其制备方法”
  中国发明专利,2004, 专利号:ZL 00123738.1.
18. 王忠刚,赵云峰,谢美然,陶志强,巩芳玲“一种含磷的脂环族环氧化合物及其
  中国发明专利,2004,专利号:ZL 01130820.6.
19. 巩芳玲,赵云峰,陶志强,王忠刚,余云照“一种磷酸酯型的液体脂环族烯烃化
  中国发明专利,2004,专利号:ZL 02119743.1.
20. 赵云峰,巩芳玲,陶志强,王忠刚,余云照“一种含磷的的三官能团液体脂环族
  中国发明专利,2003,CN 1459454A.
21. 赵云峰,巩芳玲,谢美然,王忠刚,余云照“一种亚磷酸酯型的液体脂环族
  中国发明专利,2003,CN 1459452A.
Remarks: Prof. Wang Zhonggang is now the professor in the School of Chemical Engineering in Dalian University of Technology 
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Full name: Prof. Wang Zhonggang 
Country: China 
Position: Dalian 
Contact: Cell: 13591156428 Tel: 0411-88993859 E-mail: 

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