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Research Domain: Organic Phosphorus Chemistry , Bioorganic Chemistry, Origin of Life, Medicinal Chemistry.
Keyword: Yu-Fen Zhao Ph.D
Research Production: Achievement:

1. Medicine chemistry
Invented a new method to synthesize the skeleton of the Celphalatoxine,which is an anti-cancer reagent. Developed a new type of non-toxic compounds, which are highly effective for curing theschistosomiasis.

2. RNA and DNA cleavage reagents
Discovered that the N-phospho-histidine could cleave RNA and DNA by hydrolysis on the phospho-diester bond, Also found that N-phospho-serine in histidine could cleave DNA and RNA by a bio-mimic mechanism Cooperated with OhioUniversity for site specific cleavage of RNA and DNA.

3. Auto-catalysis of the N-phospho-amino acids:
It was found that N-phospho-amino acids could not only self-assemble into oligo-peptides in organic and aqueous condition from pH 2 to 9, at the temperature 0-80oC, but also phosphorylate the nucleosides into nucleotides and oligo-nucleotides. Therefore, N-phospho-amino acids could produce the peptide library,nucleotide library and the peptide-nucleotide conjugated library in one pot reaction.

4. Origin of Life
N-phospho-amino acids also could form the LB-membrane and lipsome structure, together with auto-catalysis for peptide and nucleotides formation, it was proposed as the minimum evolved system.
Remarks: Professor of Chemistry
Academician of ChineseAcademy Science.

1971 B.S., NationalTsinghuaUniversity in Taiwan

1975 Ph.D., StateUniversity of New York at Stony Brook,
Advisor: Prof. Fausto Ramirez.

1975-1979 Postdoctoral Associate,
StateUniversity of New York at Stony Brook and New York

1979-1988 Associate Professor, Professor,
Institute of Chemistry Academia Sinica, Beijing

1988- Present Professor,
Department of Chemistry, TsinghuaUniversity, Beijing

1993-present Director, Bioorganic Phosphorus Chemistry Laboratrory.

1994-present Vice-Dean, School of Life Science & Engineering,TsinghuaUniversity, Beijing

1991 was elected as the youngest Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, councilor of the Chinese Chemical Society, Full Member of the Academy of Creative Endeavors of Russia

Department of Chemistry, Tsinghua University
Beijing 100084,China
Tel: +86-10-62785468 
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