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Product Name High wear-resistance ceramic frit
Specification & Usage JM802 180 780 1050-1120 Suitable for 1050 ~ 1120 degree, double firing wall tiles.Mainly for size of 250*330(mm) and 300*450(mm) wall tiles.High transparency,pretty flatness,stable quality.
JM803 178 760 1050-1100 Suitable for 1050 ~ 1100 degree, fast double firing wall tiles.Mainly for size of 250*330(mm) wall tiles.High transparency, excellent flatness, stable quality.
JM806 185 800 1100-1160 Mainly for 400*600(mm),600*600(mm) single or double firing large-scale murals and relief.
JM809 180 780 1070-1120 Suitable for 1070 ~ 1120 degree, single and double firing wall tiles.Mainly for size of 300*450(mm),300*600(mm) wall tiles.High brightness,super flat, high wear resistance,stable quality.
JM810 169 750 1040-1100 Suitable for 1040 ~ 1100 degree, double fast firing wall tiles.Mainly for size of 150*600(mm) foot line,150*800(mm) wall tiles.Best color emissivity, low temperature,stable quality 
General Terms & Conditions
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Company Information
Contractor Name: Sun Qian 
Department: sales dept 
Job Title: Manager 
Company Name: Zibo Boshan Jinming colored glaze factory 
Company Address: HaiYan Industrial Park(HaiYan section in zhangbo Road),Boshan District ,Zibo city. 
Country: CN 
City: Zibo,Shandong 
Phone: 86-533-4685169 
Fax: 86-533-4682655 
Zip/Postal Code: 255202 
Date: 2015-06-27 
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