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Product Name High precision electrical al2o3 alumina ceramic parts
Specification & Usage Good insulation performance
high temperature resistance
Lower medium spoilage

1) A variety of specifications available.
2) Satisfy various technical request
3) Lower medium spoilage
4) Good insulation performance and high temperature resistance
5) Stiffness texture
6) Used in all electric products, electric heating products and wear resistant machinery parts.

The ceramic electronic components:low loss at high frequency. Good insulating , high strength, , low dielectric constant, Great mechanical strength, high air tightness, high chemical stability, etc. We can produce all kinds of ceramic holders, ceramic support, ceramic tubes, ceramic pipe, ceramic ring, etc. Widely used in electronic components, electronic device and electric products. Our products meet the international standards.
General Terms & Conditions
Packing as ordered
Quantity as ordered
Payment Fob Shenzhen
Price under negotiation 
Company Information
Contractor Name: Tu Tom 
Department: market 
Job Title: Sales Manager 
Company Name: Shenzhen Huaxin Precision Ceramics Co., LTD 
Company Address: B1411, Buji Center Square, Buji Town,Longgang 
Country: CN 
City: Shenzhen,Guangdong 
Phone: 86-755-28520996 
Fax: 86-755-28520997 
Zip/Postal Code: 518112 
Date: 2012-11-13 
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