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Company Information
Contractor Name: Emily Chen 
Department: marketing 
Job Title: sales 
Company Name: wuhan bright chemical co.,ltd 
Company Address: Room 9F-C11,Caishen Square, east of Hankou Railway Station,Wuhan,China. 
Country: CN 
City: Wuhan 
Phone: 86-27-85583315 
Fax: 86-27-85804899 
Zip/Postal Code: 430023 
Business Type: producer; exporter 
Main Item/Product: Diethylaminopropyne formate ( PABS) CAS No. 125678-52-6
1-Diethylamino-2-propyne ( DEP) CAS No. 4079-68-9
Propynesulfonic acid sodium salt ( PS) CAS No. 55947-46-1
Propargyl-oxo-propane-2, 3-dihydroxy ( POPDH) CAS No. 13580-38-6
Hydroxymethanesulfonic acid monosodium salt (PN) CAS No. 870-72-4
Carboxyethylisothiuronium chloride ( ATP) CAS No. 5425-78-5
S-Carboxyethylisothiuronium betaine ( ATPN) CAS No. 5398-29-8
Pyridinium propyl sulfobetaine (PPS) CAS No. 15471-17-7
Pyridinium hydroxy propyl sulfobetaine ( PPS-OH ) CAS No. 3918-73-8
Sodium vinyl sulfonate ( SVS) CAS No. 3039-83-6
Sodium allyl sulfonate (ALS) CAS No. 2495-39-8
Propargyl alcohol propoxylate ( PAP) CAS No. 3973-17-9
Butynediol propoxylate ( BMP) CAS No. 1606-79-7
Butynediol ethoxylate( BEO) CAS No. 1606-85-5
Propynol ethoxylate ( PME) CAS No. 3973-18-0
2-Ethylhexylsulphate, sodium salt ( TC-EHS) CAS No. 126-92-1
2.5-dimethyl-2.5-hexynediol ( HD-M) CAS No. 142-30-3
3-hexyne-2,5-diol (HD) CAS No. 3031-66-1
Chloral hydrate ( TCA ) CAS No. 302-17-0
N,N,N,'N'-tetra(2-hydropropayl) ethylene diamine ( EDTP)CAS No. 102-60-3
Bis(benzene sulphonyl)-imide ( BBI ) CAS No. 2618-96-4
IME CAS No. 68794-57-9
Benzyl pyridinium 3-carboxylate ( BPC-48) CAS No.15990-43-9
2-mercapto thiazoline (H1)CAS No.96-53-7
2-meracapto-benzimidazole(M) CAS No.583-39-1
Ethenethiourea (N)CAS No. 96-45-7
Bis-(sodium sulfopropyl)-disulfide (SPS)CAS No. 27206-35-5
3-mercapto-1-propane sulfonic acid, sodium salt (MPS)CAS No. 17636-10-1
1,3-propane sultone CAS No.1120-71-4
1,4-Butane sultone CAS No.1633-83-6
Propargyl Chloride CAS No. 624-65-7
3-buten-1-ol CAS No. 627-27-0
BUTYNE-1.4-DIOL ( BOZ) CAS No. 110-65-6

Introduction: The company mainly concentrate on producing, researching and trading electroplating intermediates, fluoro -containing chemicals and other fine chemicals. Our factory covers an area of 4000sqm. The annual production capability can reach to about two thousand tons. The intermediates can be widely used in Zn plating, Ni plating, Cu plating, etc. Fluoro-containing chemicals can be widely used in oil field, fire control, pesticides, electroplate, cleaning, etc. We can also provide solutions for electroplatings.

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PBP(semi-bright nickel plating leveling agent,brightening agent)
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