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Offer Detail
Offer Type Offer to Sell
Machine Name 46:1 Paint sprayer,airless sprayer, painting machin,piston pump sprayer
Class Process equipments>>Pneumatic equipment
Specification & Usage Pressure Ratio: 46 : 1
No-loading Delivery: 40 L/Min
Air Inlet Pressure: 0.3 MPa ~ 0.6 MPa (3 Bar ~ 6 Bar)
Max Output Pressure: 27.6 MPa (276Bar)
Max Tip Size: 0.035 Inches
Air Consumption: 500 ~ 1200 L/Min
Packing Size: 570mm×460mm×900mm
Weight: 70 kgs

Series NKWJ46 is air-driven airless paint sprayer working by the power of air compressor. This machine, adopts complete air-direction-change device, works stablely and safely. The machine performance reach to the international advanced level. This machine is applied to spray all types of conventional paint and thick-film high viscosity paints, meeting heavy anti-corrosion requirements. Such as shipbuilding, steel structure, wall painting, bridge maintenance and so on. Coating materials include: PVC coating, thick paste-type zinc-rich epoxy asphalt coating, super epoxy coatings, epoxy zinc-rich coating and so on.

General Terms & Conditions
Quantity 100
Payment T/T, L/C
Place China
company information
Contractor Name: Ding wen
Department: sales department
Job Title: Manager
Company Name: NAKIN Paint Sprayer Co.
Company Address: No.1 Aoti Road, Jiulongpo District, Chongqing,China
Country: CN
City: Chongqing
Phone: 0086 23 68089507
Fax: 0086 23 68089506
Zip/Postal Code: 400042
Homepage: 2009-11-02

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