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Machine Name Rubber Powder Grader
Class Process equipments>>Waste treatment, recycling
Specification & Usage Name: Rubber Powder Grader

Type: QQW-F40-ZY

Main uses: Fiber separator is a separating machine which according to the air suspension theory separates the mixed powder stuff into the light part and the heavy part.

Principle and character: Rubber powder grader is a separating screen-analysis machine of eccentric machinery. With the blade wheel revolving at the high-speed to produce eccentric force and current centripetal force, the machine separates fine powder or super fine powder with thicker particle. The machine has a wide grading range and its fineness can be chosen from 5 to 200 category at will. With the high precision, the grading can make sure that the product does not contain thick particles, promoting the quality and purity.
company information
Contractor Name: 谢永峡
Job Title: manager
Company Name: 三门峡中赢橡胶技术有限公司
Company Address: 河南省三门峡市湖滨区科技工业园
Country: CN
Phone: 86 3982822626
Fax: 86 398-2822629
Zip/Postal Code: 472000
Homepage: 2008-10-14

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