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Announcement No.7, 2007 of Ministry of Commerce, on Starting Anti-dumping Interim Review on Imported Ethanolamine

 China import & export Policy
 2007-02-05 14:25:41

The Ministry of Commerce issued Announce No.57 of 2004 on November 14, 2004 to start levying anti-dumping duties on imported Ethanolamine (hereinafter referred to as investigated products) originating in Japan, the US, Iran, Malaysia, Taiwan Region and Mexico. Among the related enterprises, the anti
-dumping duties rate on Ethanolamine from Oriental Union Chemical Corporation was 20%, NIPPON SHOKUBAI CO.,LTD. adopted 74% as in the Others category.
  The above-mentioned two enterprises applied to Ministry of Commerce for a dumping and dumping margins judicial review on the anti-dumping measures implemented to each of the enterprises respectively and raised petition for amending the anti-dumping duty rate correspondingly.
  In respond to the application, Ministry of Commerce made an examination on related issues and decided to start a judicial review, as of the date when this announcement is issued, on the anti-dumping measures implemented on the investigated products from the above-mentioned two enterprises during a p
eriod from January 1, 2006 to December 31, 2006.
  The investigated products are listed under Tariff No. 29221100 and 29221200 in Customs Tariff of Import and Export of the People's Republic of China.
  Interested parties can apply in written forms to respond to charges in the interim review within 20 days as of the date the Announcement is issued.
  To get the necessary information for the investigation, Ministry of Commerce will send out questionnaire to the interested parties accordingly, the answer sheet of which shall be submitted within 37 days as of the date of issuance of the questionnaire.
  The interested parties could raise written petition for holding a hearing, which could also be held initiatively by Ministry of Commerce when necessary.
  Ministry of Commerce could, when necessary, send out staff to relate countries for field examination and verification, before which the countries and enterprises will get notice in advance.
  Any form of obstruction against the investigation may result in an arbitration based on the available fact and information.
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  Ministry of Commerce
  February 1, 2007

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