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Announcement No. 2, 2007 of Ministry of Commerce, on Preliminary Arbitration on the Anti-dumping Investigation on Sulfamethoxazole

 China import & export Policy
 2007-02-05 14:23:13

Ministry of Commerce issued an announcement on June 16, 2006 to start an anti-dumping investigation on the imported Sulfamethoxazole (hereinafter referred to as the investigated products) originating from India.
  In accordance with Article 24 of Anti-dumping Regulations of People’s Republic of China, Ministry of Commerce made the preliminary arbitration that dumping of the investigated products had taken place, which had caused material injury to China’s industry and there was a casual relationship between
the dumping and the injury.
  The Sulfamethoxazole is listed under Tariff No. 29350030 in Customs Tariff of Import and Export of the People's Republic of China.
  In accordance with Article 28 and 29 of Anti-dumping Regulations of People’s Republic of China, Ministry of Commerce decided to take anti-dumping measures by deposit in security as of February 1st , 2007.
  Deposit in security rates are as follows:
  Companies of India:
  Virchow Laboratories Limited and Andhra Organics Limited 15.2%
  All Others 37.7%
  The relevant interested parities could apply written comments, with related evidence, to Ministry of Commerce for consideration within 20 days as of the date this announcement is issued.
  Appendix: Preliminary Arbitration of Ministry of Commerce on Anti-dumping Investigation on Imported Sulfamethoxazole Originating from India
  Ministry of Commerce
  February 1, 2007

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