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Item Title: Tire Ring-cutting Machine 
Item Sort: Tire Ring-cutting Machine 
Implementation Address: 三门峡 
aggregate Investment: Tire Ring-cutting Machine 
Mode: Jiont Venture
Ratio Between Investments in: sanmenxia 
Present Condition: Name: Tire Ring-cutting Machine Type: ZQT-F1200-ZY  
Item Introduction: Name: Tire Ring-cutting Machine Type: ZQT-F1200-ZY Main uses: The machine is to cut off the tire lip steel ring, prolong the life span of the next machine’s cutter, and facilitate the later work. Technical parameters::1、Capacity 600---800KG/H 2、Motor power 1.5KW 3、Outside size: 1340×990×820 4、Applicable tire interior diameter 适应轮胎内径 750---1200mm 5、Pressed gas pressure 0.8Mpa 6、Expanding jaw rev Principle and character: The pneumatic cylinder raises and fixes the tire, by coupling device, the electric motor turns the tire, the feeding cutter on the carriage stretches out and cuts off the tire lip in either side. 1.The feeding cutter’s body is made of excellent alloy steel, the blade is made by build-up welding with high rigidity wearable alloy welding rod, a long life-span, able to be repaired by repeated build-up welding and blade-grinding. 2.The tire is easy to be installed, with a short reciprocating stroke, and the machine is productive. 3. Manual and automatic working means, easy to operate. 4. Simple structure, light in weight, occupying a small area.  
feasibility analysis:  
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Promulgator Detail

Full name: 谢永峡  
Country: CN 
Company Name: 三门峡中赢橡胶技术有限公司 
E-mail: Reply
Phone: 86 3982822626 
Fax: 86 398-2822629 
Company Address: 河南省三门峡市湖滨区科技工业园 
Zip/Postal Code: 472000 

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