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Item Title: Development of Heparin and Other Biochemical Medicine from Animal Offal 
Item Sort: Biological Pharmacy 
Implementation Address: No.233 East Yongding Road, Dingxi County, Gansu Province 
aggregate Investment: 52.79 million RMB 
Mode: Jiont Venture
Ratio Between Investments in: 45% 
Present Condition: Project proposal approved.
2,480 tons cattle’s lung, 4,830 pieces of sheep’s small intestine, 10,000 pieces of pig’s small intestine are available in Gansu every year. The annual output of heparin is about 7 tons. Located at Chankou Economic Development Zone, the company covers an area of 86,743 square meters.
Market Analysis: Heparin, with efficacy of lowing blood grease and preventing arteriosclerosis, is widely used in anti-thrombus and anti-cruor medicine. At present, the demand in the world is 500 tons while the supply just reaches about 350 tons. The annual output in China is 70 tons, accounting for more than 20 percent of the gross output in the world. 95 percent of heparin made in China export to Europe, America and Japan. 
Item Introduction: Produce 4 tons refined heparin annually. 
feasibility analysis:  
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Promulgator Detail

Full name: hichem 
Country: CN 
Company Name: hichem 
E-mail: Reply
Phone: 86-411-82819585 
Fax: 86-411-82819612 
Company Address: Renming Road, Dalian city, Lianning pro,china 
Zip/Postal Code:  

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