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Item Title: Baoding Swan Chemical Fiber Group Co.,Ltd. 
Item Sort: Machinery and Electronics 
Implementation Address: Investment Promotion and Cooperation Bureau of Baoding 
aggregate Investment: USD 8,430,000 
Mode: Jiont Venture
Ratio Between Investments in: 25%-30% 
Present Condition: Melt spinning spandex is a new chemical filament researched and successfully developed in recent years by a small number of countries like Japan and Germany. It grows very fast due to its less investment, quick return and free from pollution. The supply for spandex filament cannot meet the demand in China and the annual importation has been over 20,000 tons, boasting good market potential. 
Item Introduction: It is proposed to expand the melt spinning filament production line to 2000 ton/year, by mainly adopting domestic equipment and introducing key equipment from abroad. 
feasibility analysis:  
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Promulgator Detail

Full name: hichem 
Country: CN 
Company Name: hichem 
E-mail: Reply
Phone: 86-411-82819585 
Fax: 86-411-82819612 
Company Address: Renming Road, Dalian city, Lianning pro,china 
Zip/Postal Code:  

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