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Governmental Name     City
  Ningbo China Ningbo
  Jinan Municipal Info Public network Jinan
  Fuzhou China Fuzhou
  Cangzhou China Cangzhou
  Dalian China Dalian
  Xiamen Municipal Government ,P.R.China xiamen
  Weihai China Weihai
  Shi jiazhuang China Shi jiazhuang
Governmental Name     City
  Macao Special Administrative Region Macao
  HongKong Special Adminstrative Region of the People's Republic of China HongKong
  The People's Goverment Of Inner Mongolia Province Hohhot
  The Public Information Network of Heilongjiang Government Harbin
  The Government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of China Urumchi
  Gansu China Lanzhou
  Shanxi Provincial People's Goverment Taiyuan
  The People's Goverment Of Shanxi Province Xi'an

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