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History & Background

As the successor to China Chemical Week (CCW), China Chemical English Online, for short ChemEnLine, leads the China petroleum, chemical and petrochemical industries by timely providing overseas customers and makers with veracious, integrative and professional news, digging out the clear and real facts from diverse and confusing voices, and creating in-depth reports based on the trend of the market here.

CCW, the first specialist English newspaper in China, was established in 1994 by an authorized and famous news agency---China Chemical Industry News (CCIN) that was established by the Ministry of Chemical Industry of China in 1985 in Beijing, whose current circulation is over 150,000 and the number of direct and indirect readers has totally reached 10 millions.

CCW is focused on important economic situations, investment and trade policies, major news related to the chemical industry, technical and market information, project progress and investment trends, price lists of local chemical products, statistics on imports and exports, and business information in China. By the end of 2003, CCW’s circulation had covered scores of major countries and regions. Aimed at providing more overseas clients with more information timely and conveniently, CCW was converted into the network edition starting from 2004, and named as China Chemical English Online.

China Chemical English Online, for short ChemEnLine, has carried forward the CCW’s characteristics, and the number of hits to the website has multiplied.


About ChemEnLine

Supported by CCIN, ChemEnLine was converted from printing edition in 2004 in Beijing, along with its 58 local correspondent stations throughout the other regions in China dispatching reporters every day to news spots and transmitting the first hand messages in shortest time. Furthermore ChemEnLine also has constant and active support from our government in addition to the close communication with the insiders from more than 20 guilds, 20 chemical parks as well as news agencies. ChemEnLine also has 40 most famous and authorized consultants, who come from the national petroleum and chemical industries, research institutions, universities and trading companies and form the information supporting system for ChemEnLine and its Chinese publications.

By now, ChemEnLine has been the most authorized English network in the Chinese petroleum and chemical industry.  Its newsletter and opinions are constantly rebroadcast by CCTV, CRI, People Daily and other great reputable national media in Chi na’s mainland.


Characteristics of ChemEnLine

Updated and authentic news

Intensive and professional reports

Authoritative and representative reviews

Macro & micro analyses

Monthly Imp. -Exp. accumulative Stats.

Convenient and sharable access without any limit of space & time in the Internet

Online columns

News: important and latest events directly dispatched from China chemical industry and the other relative industries.

Markets: proving the producer prices and transaction prices of major chemical products as well as market environments in China.

Projects: describing new and expanding works, in-process and proposed projects, and renovating projects in China petroleum and chemical industry.

Focus: several in-depth reports each week, offering the authorized views about chemical product trading in the market and predicting its market trends and prospects.

Policies: informing about new and relative laws and rules released by government departments, which bring big effects on production, manufacture, imports & exports trading and investing activities in China.

Companies: introducing or releasing news about some large chemical firms or multi-nationals and their enterprises in China via the Internet for the whole world chemical industry. 

Statistics: the monthly and accumulated prices of 2,000 types of chemical products in Imp. - Exp. trade.

Supply: displaying the particular supply and demand messages with the companies and their contact information.

Imp & Exp. Database: a kind of database with searching function and professional database authorized by the General Administration of Customs, containing statistics of more than 2000 chemical products with data accumulated over 12 years, renewed every month, characteristic of free search for accurate trade volume and trade amount of any single transaction or list of combined ones, offering the transaction value of various chemical products at different ports of China in southeast coasts; priced separately US$1,500 for a whole year.


Our services

Subscription for ChemEnLine

ChemEnLine offers updated news and reports from Monday to Friday. The fee of subscribing for ChemEnLine is US$515 per year. After being the full members, subscribers will get a set of username and password. Only just logging in our website, you can easily read and search all articles online. It is available for a few people sharing ChemEnLine’s information at one time and via different computers. It is characteristic of reading online that ChemEnLine’s searching engine will get you easier and quicker to find out all articles involved in the input key word you are concerned about.

Additionally, subscribers also can ask for a particular service of updated emails. These emails carry the intraday messages that are transmitted to the Internet and put together in a MS-Word attachment by inserting a table of contents with “hyperlinks”. In this way, it will be convenient for those subscribers who prefer to get all items of one day’s news at a stretch and without scanning through all columns online and easily collect or deal with these word files in the computer day to day for future use. There is no extra fee for these updated emails.

Consulting service & marketing research reports

As China is rapidly integrating with the world market with its huge, yet uneven markets, requests of increasing foreign investors for expanding their commercial business in China keep coming in. And a comprehensive structure and mix of businesses, domestic as well as these multi-national companies in chemical industry are facing great challenges in their day-to-day production, marketing and strategic decision-making. We ChemEnLine with deep local roots in petroleum and chemical industry, a professional group, 20 years' publishing activities, 40 consultants and experts, and more than 10 years' experience of bilingual translation of Chinese and English, which enable ChemEnLine to provide viable and competitive solutions to the challenged companies, specially these foreign investors, and help them prosper in China.


It is ChemEnline's goal to:

- Hold high-standard work ethics and professionalism

- Provide value added services with efficiency

- Pursue high quality client service

- Be independent and responsible

- Encourage voicing different opinions

- Keep client info and company resources confidential


What subjects can we deal with?

1. Pesticides industry

2. Nitrogen fertilizer industry

3. Phosphate fertilizer industry

4. Rubber industry

5.Synthetic rubber industry

6. Coatings industry

7. Dye industry

8. Synthetic resin industry

9. Inorganic salt industry

10. Fluorosilicone organic materials industry

11. Additive industry

12. Soda ash industry

13. Chloroalkali industry

14. Organic materials industry

15. Chemical reagent industry

16. Chemical fiber industry

17. Plastics processing industry

18. Chemical mineral industry

19. Industrial gas industry


Languages: Chinese & English


Translation & news release

ChemEnLine has translated many documents and papers for clients into Chinese or English exactly, completely and professionally. We have fulfilled translation tasks of voluminous reports for petroleum and chemical giants, including domestic and foreign multi-national. We can give assurance and responsibility to keep secret for the clients and their information. ChemEnLine also can offer the chances for our clients to release news and announcement in our network to promote the performance in their field and introduce their services to China and the whole world.


Advertising in Chinese daily ---China Chemical Industry News (CCIN)

CCIN mainly focuses on the petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, fine chemical, special chemical, pharmaceutical chemical, daily chemical and relevant industries in Chinese. Between 1990 and 2004, CCIN ad income has been growing at an annual rate of 50%, old customers contributing 80%. And the part of the advertisings of overseas companies has been in an ascendant trend with a 10% of rising every year. A survey indicates 98% of advertisements carried on CCIN have obtained information feedback, the ad input-output ratio reaches 1:8-10, and long-term ad makers’ sales brought about by CCIN ads account for 40%-60% of total corporate sales. Readers primarily cover management, marketing and technical staff, who mainly focus on the eastern region of China’s mainland, with various distributions over regions including Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao. And target readers are over ten million employees in 49,000 enterprises and institutions in the petroleum, petrochemical and chemical industries. Technicians and management staff make up 68.6%. Those who have received college education account for 75.6%. 


How to pay for us

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