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Title: Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering 
ISSN: 1004-9541 
Language Version: Chinese 
Editorial Office: Editorial Office of Chinese Journal of Chemical En 
Foundation Date: 1982-00-00 
Issue Period: Chemical Industry Press 
Issue Date: 0000-00-00 
Synopsis: The Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering (Bimonthly, started in 1982) is the official journal of the Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China and published by the Chemical Industry Press. The aim of the journal is to develop the international exchange of scientific and technical information in the field of chemical engineering. It publishes original research papers that cover the major advancements and achievements in chemical engineering in China as well as some articles from overseas contributors. The topics of journal include chemical engineering, chemical technology, biochemical engineering, energy and environmental engineering and other relevant fields. Papers are published on the basis of their relevance to theoretical research, practical application or potential uses in the industry as Research Papers, Research Notes, Chemical Engineering Data and Reviews. Prominent domestic and overseas chemical experts and scholars have been invited to form an International Advisory Board and the Editorial Committee. It enjoys recognition among Chinese academia and industry as a reliable source of information of what is going on in chemical engineering research, both domestic and abroad. 
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