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Title: Polyester Industry 
ISSN: 1008-8261 
Language Version: Chinese,English 
Editorial Office: Editorial Office Polyester Industry 
Foundation Date: 1988-00-00 
Issue Period:  
Issue Date: 0000-00-00 
Synopsis: 《Polyester Industry》, a scientific journal launched in 1988, is a journal which spans specialty fields in science and technology of chemical industry. It is published with A4 edition, bimonthly, publishing No.CN21-1249/TQ, ISSN1008-8261, internal code No.8-263, foreign code No.BM7710, publication at home and abroad. It is approved by the National Science and Technology Department and is sponsored by the National Cooperative Organization of Polyester Production and Technology, Dalian Synthetic Fiber Research Institute Limited Company. The publication is edited, published and distributed by Dalian Synthetic Fiber Research Institute Limited Company. It mainly provides information about the production technology, achievements in scientific research, equipment transformation, analysis test, business management, economy analysis and market trends of internal and external polyester raw materials, polyester synthesis and its application(including fiber, bottle, film ,engineering plastic, binder, pigment, Insulating material etc.)for the technologists and administrative leaders in the production and science research unit of polyester industry and for the teachers and students whose specialties are petroleum and chemical engineering, high molecule, synthetic fiber in universities and colleges. The journal opens up a broad world of polyester industry for the readers.

《Polyester Industry》 has been engaged in advertisement business. The content include chemical raw material used in different synthetic fiber (resin), catalyst, additive, finish, heat carrier etc. and their manufacture technology, all kinds of synthetic fiber products and their processing technology, the chemical engineering, plastic, spinning installation, unit equipment, computer control system technology and instruments for manufacturing and processing of the above mentioned products.

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