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Exhibition Title: 1st National Organic Chemistry Congress 
Initiator: atutar [at] gmail.com 
Undertaker: atutar [at] gmail.com 
Date: 2013-10-25 
Exhibits: Sakarya, Turkey, Asia/Europe 
Details: We are cordially pleased to invite you to participate in the 1st National Congress (with Inernational attendance) on Organic Chemistry. The congress will be held on October 25-29, 2013 in Sakarya, Turkey, which will be organized by Sakarya University, Arts and Science Faculty, Department of Chemistry. The main objective of the conference is to bring scientists studying on organic chemistry together, meet one another, create scientific discussions and provide them with opportunities for their future projects. In addition to the scientific activities, a rich social program throughout the symposium is also provided for informal interactions, which include welcom reception, gala dinner, congress tour and closing ceremony.

Sakarya, in which the conference will be held, is a green rich and pleasant town situated in the east of the Marmara region. It has all seasonal beauties. The town also has a jeopolitical importance as it is close to İstanbul, the capital Ankara, Eskişehir and Bursa, which are metropolitan cities.The Sabiha Gökçen airport and Atatürk airport,which connects all other towns and countries having an airport, is just an hour drive away from the town.That’s why it’s fairly easy to travel to the town.The D-100 motorway from Ankara to İstanbul passes through the town. It is a both culturally and historicaly as well as in terms of natural handcape rich city as it holds a big lake called The Sapanca Lake,Taraklı, a small town well known with its timber houses and Acarlar longozu, a deep spot in the sea 40 km south. It is gaining popularity with hot springs as well. The province will demonstrate another natural view during the conference. Thanks to the conference you will get the opportunities for experiencing the excellences the nature provides. The itinerary will certainly include travelling to those remarkable places. By means of the conference which will be held in a land with a unique natural view and history, we would like to express our thanks with regards to those scientists, businesperson concerned expected to be coming from either within or abroad to contribute or just participate. The conference will be held at a 5 star, distinguished hotel called Elmas Garden Inn. Elmas Garden Inn Wellnes&Spa is located in the district of Erenler in Sakarya city. It is 150 km away from Atatürk Airport in Istanbul. 

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