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Exhibition Title: TARfighter Shutdown Project Simulation 
Initiator: T. A. Cook Conferences 
Undertaker: T. A. Cook Conferences 
Date: 2013-11-19 
Exhibits: Steigenberger Airport Hotel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 
Details: A Unique and Interactive Shutdown Project Simulation Course
Operators of industrial facilities now face increasing pressure to deliver commercially successful operations within tight operating margins. It is therefore essential that they plan, schedule, and deliver shutdowns, turnarounds, and outages on time and on budget.

TARfighter is a unique and interactive shutdown project simulation course that will equip you with leading-edge techniques to master end-to-end shutdown and turnaround management. Work through challenges and events and make decisions in this true to life simulation.

TARfighter will take you through all stages of a turnaround project including:

Intervention – building your team to challenge a critical shutdown
Scoping – optimize turnaround scope and define pre/post turnaround activities
Detail Planning – creating turnaround quality assurance and control plans
Execution – productively managing turnaround (meetings, safety, control of work)
Project Evaluation - analyze and assess your performance and identify areas for future improvement

Don’t miss this opportunity to take away new methodologies, best practices, and key techniques that will immediately save you time and money on your shutdown and turnaround projects. While any real life turnaround project involves commercial risks and pressures, this is an opportunity to step back and truly evaluate your current approach and where you can improve for the future. 

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